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Civil Engineering

S.No. Faculty Name Designation Research Interest Areas
1 Mr. Ankit Negi Assistant Professor Rainfall Run-off Modelling, ANN and ANFIS, FUZZY Logic, Stream flow prediction, Sedimentation Analysis, Hydraullic Structures
2 Dr. Partho Sen Assistant Professor 1. Patent Done on Structural Health Monitoring of  Buildings. Specifically, For Seismic, Land Subsidence due to Flooding,  Landslides,  Cyclones, Human Intervention etc. 2. Patent On Thing Finder. Anything which has a chance of going missing , can be easily found by IOT, n Blutooth, Wifi, or Closed Circuit Intra  Net.  Human Beings, Books, Files, Animals, Birds, Vehicles, Bicycles,  Anything. ..3. Patent Applied  Multi Display Information on LPG Gas Consumption on Mobile Through IOT n Mobile App. 
3 Mr. Mahesh Chandra Shah Assistant Professor Reinforced Cement Concrete Structures, Construction Materials, Admixtures, Hydraulic Structures 2. 
4 Ms. Ritiksha Danu Assistant Professor Application of remote sensing and GIS in disaster management, Satellite image data analysis,Geoenvironmental investigations
5 Mr. Vivek Kumar Assistant Professor Traffic Engineering and Management, Pavement Engineering and construction, Geotechnical investigation.
6 Mr. Ankit Nainwal Assistant Professor Concrete Structures, Building Materials, Structural Monitoring
7 Mr. Piyush Kumar Malviya Assistant Professor Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Environmental Geomechanics, Computational Geomechanics
8 Mr. Mayank Kumar Assistant Professor Structural Dynamics, Plates & Shell Design, EQ Resistant Designs
9 Mr. Anoop Bahuguna pro term Lecturer  Satellite Image Analysis, RS and GIS Application in Natural resource management, Mathematical Modeling,GPS Survey and GIS
10 Mr. Ankit Negi (Diploma) Lecturer RCC and PCC structures, Building material and construction, concrete technology , Soil stabilization and properties