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S no. Name Highest Qualification Research Area/Specalization
1 Dr Arvind Singh Negi PhD Genetics & Plant Breeding; Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Germplasm Conservation, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Plant Breeding, Experimental Statistics, Biotechnology
2 Dr. Balwant Singh Rawat  PhD Botany (Forest Ecology) Forest ecology, vegetation dynamics, climate change, bio-diversity conservation
3 Dr. Deepak Kholiya  PhD Forestry Bio-diversity, Agroforestry, Eco-tourism management, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Conservation
4 Dr Anita Singh  PhD. Horticulture (Veg. Sciences)  Plant Breeding Vegetable Breeding
5 Dr Rajeesh Bhardwaj PhD Genetics & Plant Breeding; Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Molecular Breeding and Bio-technology, Plant breeding
6 Dr Rowndel Khwairakpam PhD Crop Physiology Controlled Enviornment and Elevated Carbon-dioxide Systems, Bio Fortification
7 Dr Bijeta PhD Horticulture Vegtable Science Vegetable Science Protected cultivation of Vegetables,Soil Sciences
8 Dr. Prasenjit Debbarma PhD Microbiology Agricultural microbiology, polymer   biodegradation, soil metagenomics
9 Dr Priya PhD Botany (Plant Physiology) Crop phyisology, Bio-chemistry, Climate Change Abiotic Stress management
10 Dr Supriya Gupta PhD Plant Pathology Plant Disease Epidemiology, Hotricultural Diseases
11 Dr. Vinod Jatav PhD. Horticulture (Veg. Sciences)   Horticulture (Vegetable Breeder), Mol. and Biotechnology, Metabolomics
12 Dr. Tesu Kumar  PhD, Agri-Economics Agricultural economics, Agril. marketing, farm management, production economics 
13 Ms Sukanya Ghosh  M.Sc. Soil Science Nutrient recycling and Soil Fertilty, Bio Fortification
14 Dr. Khushboo Kholiya  PhD Horticulture Horticulture, Olericulture and landscaping
15 Mr. Shashank Srivastav  M.Sc. Plant Physiology Crop physiology; plant physiology
16 Ms. Pooja Kala   M.Sc Entomology Insect morphology, economic entomology