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Omnithon 2.0 - 24 Hours Hackathon

Omnithon 2.0, a-once-a-year 24-hour inter-disciplinary event, will be conducted on 9th November, 2019 at Graphic Era Hill University campus. As many as 17 departments are participating this year in the event. Students, from all the semesters, are encouraged to participate in any of the events hosted by various departments. Prizes, goodies and certificates are up for grabs in this 24-hour event.


  • The event will be conducted from 9th November, 9 am – 10th November, 9 am.
  • Students cannot leave for home after 5pm on the day of event!
  • Students can form a team within their department or can include students from other-department as well.
  • Rules will be laid out by individual departments regarding how their event will be organized.
  • More information can be found on posters put on department’s notice board.
  • Exciting activities to be held during the event.