GEU Campus Top View

At Graphic Era, we take great pride in claiming and believing that we are one of the most progressive and decisively receptive educational institutions in the country, with a vision of transforming education while proving our tag line true as well. The sole idea of being digitally capable and ensuring the young students who walk  into our campuses with immense expectations are industry ready right from the word GO, let us to forming this partnership with ADOBE.

Graphic Era is the first University in India, to have utilized ADOBE's Digital Platforms, and train its students on the same. Considering ADOBE is the world leader in most digital domains, we are utilizing a multi-solution Eco-System developed in Sync with ADOBE's Technical Support, and being completely managed in House.Infact, the website you are viewing this on, is also a product of the same digital platform, with our students developing a major chunk of it, and managing it in and out.

Listen to what Prof. Sanjay Jasola, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, GEHU, had to say at the ADOBE SYMPOSIUM, directly on ADOBE's website. Make sure you don't miss out the names of the other institutions in the same category. It would help give u a sense of the magnitude of this feat:


The Solutions being used by the University and it's students currently are:

ADOBE EXPERIENCE MANAGER - Our website is developed and maintained on the AEM Platform, used for the world's leading websites

ADOBE DIGITAL ANALYTICS - World's leading Analytics platform, used by Technical and Business Management students and world's leading companies.

ADOBE CAMPAIGN - Best Automation Marketing Tool in the market currently, with tailoring to unprecedented levels. A niche space for all marketing related students

ADOBE MEDIA OPTIMIZER - Wish to make a career out of the Social Media and digital marketing. Nothing managed Google Adwords better than this ML Based Algorithm absorbing tool, that our students are now mastering.

Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, GEHU, Prof. Sanjay Jasola, was invited to another ADOBE Event, the ADOBE DIGITAL Education Seminar 2018, as the keynote speaker, thanks to the fantastic journey of Digital Transformation at Graphic Era that he has overseen. Prof. Jasola was the sole personality from the education sector, as the other guests were all top of the line industry executives.