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Law (Dehradun Campus)

About the Department

Legal education is a contemporary area of cognitive thrust. In the present scenario law has to meet the requirements of the society and also has to deal with problems of diverse socio-cultural dimensions and magnitudes. Thus,Graphic Era Hill University aims at developing legal graduates who have intensive knowledge of current practices and vast professional exposure through attending internships, participation in various legal activities that include Judicial proceedings, Legal corporate trainings, Moot Courts, Debates, Model United Nations etc. To complement our philosophy, the School of Law is committed to providing excellent facilities and environment to develop in the students a sense of responsibilities to serve the society and develop skills in advocacy, judicial, legal services and legislation.

We have made ‘The Moot Court Session’ an integral part of legal studies as it makes the students aware of the court proceedings and enhances their Drafting and Pleading skills. We have adopted a pedagogical system that includes the best practices for legal education to prepare students for the practice of law and to include clinical   and experiential training so that they are ready for challenges of legal profession and have positive program outcomes vis –a- vis comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

In totality, our aim is to be the best legal education provider at national and international level by creating our own unique legal education system.


The School of Law envisions to achieve supremacy in legal education through innovative teaching, experiential learning, creative inquiry, social awareness and research.  


To become one of the best legal education providers at national and international level. We aim at developing legal graduates who have intensive knowledge of current practices and vast professional exposure.

We endeavor  to provide state-of-the-art academic facilities to create, interpret and apply legal knowledge by organizing lectures, seminars, symposia and conferences.