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About the Department

The Department of English made a very humble beginning in 2014 with only 14 students and the strength has now grown to 200. Our aim is to envision the department as a centre for academic and intellectual enrichment, professional ingeniousness and contextual research in English studies.
The department also strives to make people more competent by not only inculcating  in them the aesthetics of English Literature but also equipping them with all the skills essential to be successful in this global and competitive era.

It is likely for a student to be asked to keep quiet as soon as he is found talking in the middle of a lecture. However, there is one lecture, where, it is politically correct to talk not only when asked to, but even when the inked words stir the spirit of enquiry. It is the class of English literature, as it creates an atmosphere where interaction is important. By offering a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in English, the Department of English at Graphic Era Hill University allows the enthusiastic literateurs to become a part of such interactive lectures. The department offers an opportunity to study all that a student usually reads outside the academical curriculum. The fact that a student is rewarded marks for reading and critically analyzing a text, something, that anybody does as a luxury, alone reflects the beauty of the course. Moreover, not just the excellent syllabus but also the provision of guest lectures by some renowned authors opens a pool of exposure for the young book lovers. Arrangement of inter as well as intra college debate and declamation competitions coupled with exposure to theatre and journalism, produces students who grow to become inspiration for all and hope for many. Needless is, to mention the importance of good communication skills in the globalised world; a prized skill that the department hones effortlessly as a part of its regular curriculum. Whereas, opportunity to intern with some of the finest brands of the nation, caps the mountain of latitudes that a student is introduced to. The department has, time and again, proved to be an asset to the university and thus, looks forward to having students who continue to maintain the high standards.


To enable our students to explore the enriching legacy of literature. The department chooses to create pedagogies that pilot students to see themselves as valuable professionals capable of contribution in content, media, publishing, academia and research.


a. To develop erudite learning in students which fosters intellectual skills, humanistic understanding, global exposure, cross cultural literacy and aesthetic appreciation.

b. Enhance students’ ability to think analytically, speculatively and imaginatively in ways that are applicable across the disciplines.