GEU Campus Top View


The department has state-of-the–art lecture halls and class rooms, which are well equipped with
comfortable seating for students, LCD projectors sound system etc.
All labs are well equipped with most advanced equipment and software, Students have easy access
to these software’s so that they can have hands on experience, which makes them ready for the
industrial jobs after they graduate.

We have dedicated labs in department :
1)    Basic Electronics Lab
2)    Basic Electrical Lab
3)    Analog Communication Lab
4)    Network Synthesis Lab
5)    Electronic Devices and Circuit Lab
6)    Analog Electronics Lab
7)    Digital Electronics Lab
8)    Digital Communication Lab
9)    Microprocessor and microcontroller lab
10)    Microwave Engineering Lab
11)    Digital Signal Processing Lab
12)    VLSI (Xilinx Vivado Lab)

Research Labs:
1)    Internet of things (IOT) lab
2)    Wireless sensor network lab
3)    Arduino Project lab