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1. IEEE International Conference on ‘Emerging Trends in Computing & Communication Technologies’ was jointly organized by The Departments of Computer Science & Electronics and Communication Engineering on 17th and 18th November, 2017. 56 papers were presented on these two days. The Conference proved to be a milestone in the Understanding amongst the TechnoGrads studying at the University and also their mentors, with the absolute best talking about the Future of Computing in India and the rest of the world.

2. An online conference on Amazon Web Services was conducted by Amazon for the students of CS and IT. This conference gave the students an insight into the concepts of Cloud Computing and AWS global infrastructure. The modules covered were AWS Infrastructure- Computation, Storage, and Networking, AWS security, Identity and Access Management. The students were also briefed about the Amazon Relational Database Service(RDS) and Amazon Dynamo DB concepts.


A National Conclave on "Cyber Security and Its Challenges" was organized by the School of Computing, with eminent speakers including Senior Armed Forces Officers as part of the delegation. The event was a big hit with all participants post which the University started the largest ethical hacking club in the sate, Rerouting Ideologies

1. A Guest lecture was delivered by Mr. Nishant  Goel (Alumnus GEU EC) on ‘Advanced Driver Assistant System’, who is presently working with Mercedes-Benz Research & Development, India.

2. Mr. Anup Kalbalia, senior technical lead at Directi and lead at Codechef delivered an enriching and interactive session on coding platforms such as ACM-ICPC.


3. A guest lecture on ‘Augmented Reality & IOT- Breakthrough in Technologies’ was delivered by Mr. Suyash Joshi, senior developer, ORACLE San Francisco USA. The students learned a great deal from Suyash's fantastic delivery of the concept of Augmented Reality & IOT, with the session proving to be extremely interactive.

4. Ms. Nidhi Gupta, Vice President, Genpact delivered a session on ‘Emerging Trends & Technologies in Companies’. The topic is one that we prefer to have experts speaking on periodically, because at Graphic Era staying connected with the Industry and churning out minds who are ready for the job right from Day-1 is extremely seriously. This is precisely the reason that the students of Computer Science top the placement chart across the region year on year.


5. Mr. Sidharth Nawani, an Alumni of Graphic Era, dropped in on a visit from the US and had an interactive session with the students of the Computer Science Department. The agenda was sharing some experiences that he has had in the Corporate World and how can the current students, who are the Alumni for tomorrow can make it even bigger than Sidharth already has. The students got transported to his world, where he has managed to make the most of the fantastic Academic delivery at the University with Industry elements amalgamated seamlessly.

1. Team comprising faculty members from the departments of Computer Science & Engineering and Civil Engineering (GEHU) won ‘President Cup’ cricket tournament held at Graphic Era University in 2018. The Students had already proved the mettle, by being a part of the student trophy, and the faculty proved they are still the GURUS at whatever they do.



2. Quiz, ‘Puzzle Attack’ conducted by CS & IT students. Logic takes the center stage when it comes to Computer Science, so brain tickling events always make for a great skill development exercise for students who participate. Events like the Puzzle Attack are organized every semester by the students of the department, which makes for great participation and definitive progress in Academics for them.

3. Students’ interaction with Ms. Joe Fuller from Coventry University. She apprised them of student Exchange Programs that GEHU runs as a part of the MoU signed between the two organizations. She also visited various labs hosted by the department, including the newly formed CISCO Networking Academy and IOT Lab. She was delighted to see the progress made by the students on the Research front, especially in the field of IOT, with projects like Automated Wheel Chair for Cerebral Palsy Patients bound to make it to the international market very soon.

4. Corporate Socio Responsibility never takes a backseat at GEHU and regular activities to give back to the society that we are a part of, are executed and participated in with much enthusiasm. The students of Computer Science voluntarily took part in the Blood Donation Camp held at GEHU, contributing their bit to improve the world around us.

5. The department takes pride in Unique events that it organizes every year which eventually culminate into trends that are followed in the Education Sector all across. A two day Fest for the School Students of the state of Uttarkhand was conceptualized and executed by the Department, headed by the faculty members and a huge student event management team from the Department named AURA. There were numerous events lined up for the students and a capacity crowd of around 2000 students engulfed the auditorium right from the morning set in till early evening. 

The kids enjoyed all the events and also managed to bag some handsome prizes like laptops by acing some of the events. FIESTA is now an annual occurence and sees the crowds building up Year on Year.

6. The fantastic infrastructure and faculties with Industry experience proves to be a big differentiator for GEHU from the rest of the crowd in its league. The University had the first official consolidated attempt at the prestigious Google CodeJam with over 40 well trained students becoming a part of it. The Test is the holygrail of Coding Contests globally, and our students were more than able to make a mark, with some making it as far as the N-4 round in the first attempt. 

The coding prowess at the System Level, is rare in a University and there is no dearth of such programmers in the Department. It, for sure, won't be long before you hear a candidate getting a rare campus offer from Google!

7. LIAISE - The Annual Debating Competition - Communicating your thoughts and being able to prove a point with sound logic is the essence of a good corporate professional, and LIAISE is an attempt to give each and every participant to express himself and understand the art of communicating. With Experts from Top IIMs such as IIM Lucknow, judging the event and providing the students live feedback and suggestions, the improvement in the students is visible almost immediately. A must attend for everyone who is even remotely available.

8. MATHS ATTACK - The Test for Geniuses - The best coders across the world are Mathematicians. Mathematics is not an unnecessary burden on the average engineer, which is true more so in the case of Computer Science Engineers. The coding skills of an otherwise average student are multiplied significantly if the logic that he derives from Mathematics improves. This was the basic principle behind this massive event organized by the students of the department. The event was meant to stimulate the logical mind of an Engineering Student and reward the ones who are already in the league of geniuses.

8. GEEKY ARTISANS- GAME FEST - The student Gaming Club for the department, Geeky Artisans, organized their flagship semesterly event, the GAME FEST, with participations from all branches of different courses, just to bring all like minded, creative and highly responsive minds under one roof. The event had Gaming Competitions in multiple domains including Android Gaming, leading to the interaction of these imaginative and bright personalities. The Club doesn't just restrict the event to gaming, but takes it a level ahead by organizing workshops on Game Development, enhancing the chances of a student getting placed in this fun, under rated in India but immensely well paying industry.

9. TIER - 2 Day Data Structure + Algorithms Workshop for the Core System Programmer - Resource Person: Mr. Kamal Rawat - Ex: Computer Scientist, Scale II, ADOBE: This was a marathon 20-Hour Hands-on workshop organized by the department for students interested in Core-System level programming. Mr. Rawat was so impressed by the quality of the students that he actually prepared Industry Level content to tackle the bright minded students and keep them challenged. The students eventually gathered the knack of problem solving of the highest level, and were able to crack Great Placements for the year. This is an Bi-Annual Program happening every year.

Prof. (Dr.) R C Joshi, Hon’ble Chancellor, Graphic Era University, conducted a guest lecture on IOT for the faculty members of Computer Science and Engineering department.

Three faculty members from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering attended a workshop on Machine Learning held at IIITM Gwalior from 26th March - 30th March 2018.

The Faculties of any organization need to be updated with the changing trends in the industry, to enable relevant and useful learning for students who're on the brink of joining an organization and beginning their professional life. The FDP on BIG DATA ANALYTICS by the industry leader EMC2 was organized with the same view. BIG DATA being one of the hottest skills of the current times, the faculties ensured they are in sync with the latest industry standards for the technology.

An FDP was conducted by the department in collaboration with Electronics & ICT Academy Roorkee. The resource person for this program was  Mr Sai Kumar from Kovid consultancy firm based in Hyderabad.

SAMAVESH - The department organizes its Department Day each year to inculcate the spirit of learning, affirm the motto of the department, and to propel the efforts of continuous growth of the students. Even though it is known as the Department Day, but the format allows for several events and competitions spanning over a week's time with all finales taking place on the final Day. 

Hon'ble Chancellor, Prof. Kamal Ghanshala, were the Chief Guest for the event with the students receiving appreciations from him. There are a host of creative and technical events, raning from Photography, Face Painting, Hacking Contests to Technical Projects and Hackathons. Winners are ably rewarded with handsome cash prizes, Letters of Recommendation for their Masters and also Live Project Implementation Opportunities at the University level.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Graphic Era Hill University and Sapient Razorfish with a view to making students’ industry ready for the CS and IT sector. Dehradun’s premier University the Graphic Era Hill University is famed for creating its own distinct identity in Uttarakhand state and within a time span of 6 years over 6000 students were provided education in this University. Apart from providing higher education in the plains, Graphic Era is also creating opportunities for students residing in hilly areas and to make these students ready for the challenges in the workplace Graphic Era Hill University has joined hands with Sapient Razorfish. With a view to achieving this objective, an MOU was signed in Graphic Era Hill University.

The MOU was jointly signed by Sapient Razorfish India Campus programmehead, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar and Vice Chancellor Graphic Era Hill University, Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay Jasola. Speaking on the occasion Sapient Razorfish India Campus programme head, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar said that Graphic Era Hill University is the sixth University that was selected for campus mentorship programme where students will be imparted technical education, capability building, and other soft skills. He further informed that through this MOU, the business domain knowledge of the students will be greatly enhanced by specialists in the field. He added that in this era, experiential learning is more important than theoretical learning.