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Technology is evolving at a very fast pace. The prime aim of the department is to get its students aligned with the same. The department's continuous efforts are to equip the students with latest technical skills to cope up with the trends and the needs of the industry. Keeping this view in mind, the Computer Science and Engineering department focuses more and more on project and lab based learning, seminars and webinars. To bolster this effort sophisticated and State-of-Art labs equipped with latest equipments (hardware and software) are being used. This not only imparts high class theoretical knowledge but also trains the students with real time practical scenarios, facilitating the transition of the students from academics to the industry.

The Ubuntu lab epitomizes elegance and adeptness. Elegance in terms of design and adeptness in terms of smart 200 plus computer systems that can cater to most of the demands of resource hungry softwares. The CISCO is designed with in collaboration with CISCO Systems. It is a fully equipped networking academy in itself. The students accumulate skills from the likes of basic work such as crimping to creating advanced and complex networks. The IOT lab provides the students with all the resources needed for creating working models in the space of Internet of Things.