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Civil Engineering

About the Department

The basic aim of Civil Engineering is to improve the quality of basic needs of human civilization and taking care of the naturally and humanly built environments with their planning, designing, construction, operation and maintenance. The Civil Engineering Department at Graphic Era Hill University,  intently works to develop solutions to major sustainability challenges of the society and is committed to producing leaders impacting the society at large. The undergraduate program of B.Tech in Civil Engineering, has a well established state-of-the-art program which includes, course work in Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying, Environment Engineering and Water resources, Supplemented by hands-on laboratory experience, covering all aspects of the program at par with the best.
The programme of Btech in Civil Engineering comprises divisions of course work in Construction Technology, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Concrete technology, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Resources, Surveying and GIS.  Along with well equipped state-of-the-art laboratories to facilitate the teaching learning process and helps students imbibe the theoretical concepts through their real time implications and their practical applications.
The department also organizes Training Programmes and Workshops for students as well as professional talks time after time. The 2 months’ practical training for the students after 6th semester, provides exposure, mitigates their transition from students to professionals and introduces them to on-site projects.


We visualize the Department as an internationally recognized knowledge nerve centre in Civil Engineering Education, Research, Entrepreneurship and Industry outreach services for creating aesthetic and sustainable infrastructure for enhancing quality of life.


The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering, GEHU is

  • To Generate a specialized cadre of civil engineers by imparting quality education and training of  international standards with global linkages and to shape ourselves into a learning community at workplace , listen & analyze  and respect each other’s competency and talents.
  • To develop and pursue Civil Engineering curricula, which is industry oriented, dynamic, flexible and holistically designed to facilitate creativity and cognitive thinking,
  • To encourage and facilitate faculty, researchers and students to work across discipline   boundaries,
  • To infuse a sense of excitement in students in innovation, invention, design, creation and entrepreneurship,
  • To give ‘Strong wings’ of knowledge to the students and allow them to take flights of “imagination’  in the open sky of the  opportunities in the world to reach new heights,

USP of the Department

  • The magnificent infrastructure containing well established class rooms and labs for practical work.
  • Students of the department are enlightened with  the advancements in design and construction technology by using the latest available software.
  • The Approach of students towards the study is more focused, since they use the advanced equipments (such as Total Station & GPS) and develop the practical skills required for the onset of their professional life as a graduate engineer.
  • Industrial Exposure, Industrial Visits to the students( twice each semester) and Industrial Practical Trainings (30-50 days during semester break of the program)
  • On campus tutorial classes for the students appearing for GATE examination.
  • Specially designed courses on soft-skills & personality development to make the students knowledgeable and job ready.