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Department of Astrology (Dehradun Campus)

Vedic astrology is like any other branch of Vedic studies. It aims to enhance human welfare by ameliorating suffering. Vedas are priceless repositories of knowledge and Jyotish is a part of Vedas. It is one of the six limbs of Vedas. There are 30 shlokas on astrology in Rig Veda, 4 in Yajur Veda and 1036 in Atharv Veda. karma and karamphal are domains of astrology.

Jyotish is a science of the influence of human and terrestrial affairs. The planetary motion and time do have a great influence on us. With the regular movement of planets, one can foretell the destinies of human beings. Three divisions of Jyotish are Siddhant, Hora and Samhita. Our course is mainly focused on “Hora”. Past deeds and predestination have a definite role to play. Astrology is a divine science which is based on Astronomical and mathematical calculations. Hence, it is only through the study of Vedic Astrology the secret of fate and free will can be deciphered.