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Visual Arts

About the Department

The Department of Visual Arts at Graphic Era Hill University offers a course programme which molds with four-year degree including two different specializations in Painting and Applied Art with the amalgamation of studying the History of Art to nurture the students for the juxtaposition of theory and praxis. The Visual Arts department nurtures to create a curriculum and ambiance for prospective candidates to experience art as an instrument of creation. The department explores with a global vision to create Visual Arts aura at a great pace.


The department is offering specialization program in Painting which provides the exploration of creative and critical thinking, research with the inculcation of in-depth knowledge of the contemporary trends with the emphasis of the history of art and modern approaches. The Painting specialisation students; along with, build their careers in Art Teachings and as Visual Artists; they can also explore their  career in Cinema -such as Texture Artist, Set Designer, Art Director, Filmmaking (through gathering the knowledge of composition), Curatorial-Art, curator in Art Galleries, Visual-Illustrator and many more jobs in Industries. The department provides multiple opportunities to the Painting students to become an intern under multiple artistic agencies, under various senior national and international artists, which can further, transform the students into a contemporary artist.  

The department offers specialisation program of Applied Art, which gives emphasis on augment expertise through studio-based skills and illustration principles that help to develop personal expression for advertising design, visual communication, commercial design, photography, graphic design, illustration and drawing, computer graphics, digital art and many more by which students develop the exploration of professional communication and presentation skills for effective knowledge and communication. The students can also get the opportunities to become interns under well-established and outstanding design firms/ advertising agency/ commercial house and can get placement as well from the same.


To create designs and augment artistic excellence through creative activity, research, liberal education and professional and industry engagement,  partnership- inspiring the individual creative expression, artistic exploration and critical analysis integral to advancing society.


To Identify, explain and apply individual foundation skills developed through observation and imagination that demonstrate expertise in dynamic composition, spatial relationship and design.

USP of the Department

The UG and PG programmes provides a studio-based education in the practice and theory of contemporary art. This enables students to develop their capacity for creative practice and to gain an understanding of the contextual and critical thought on which it is based. The Bachelor of Visual Arts at the GEHU includes courses from the Art History and Theory programme and other undergraduate programmes, providing students with a broader liberal arts education. We encourage students to develop an individual art practice through sustained engagement with a particular creative process, involving research, experimentation, innovation, synthesis, analysis, and presentation. We also work to make graduate students’ performance befitting of research, analysis and criticism of the history and paintings from different historical periods and schools. Above all, a Visual Arts education encourages students to be self-reflective, critically responsive, and innovative contributors to the world in which they live. We offer a wide range of courses, small and large, introductory, advanced and undergraduate all of which focus on the passion and pleasures of sketching, painting, sculpting, design of various subjects. It develops the student’s ability, creativity and mastering of techniques.