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Fashion Design

About the Department

Fashion design in India has come a long way and given the vibrant economy and dynamic market forces, the fashion industry is only expected to grow exponentially. In view of this, there is a growing need for fashion designers who are professionally trained. The Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) is a four years duration under-graduate degree program offered by Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun. This program provides focused inputs on fashion and apparel design. It imbibes the ability to inculcate creativity along with an understanding of textiles, ornamentation techniques, garment construction and manufacturing techniques in tandem with the industry requirements, where design is integral and focus of attention.

The department believes in education beyond books which is not barricaded by age-old boundaries and is vast in its vistas to make the students not only academically sound but street smart where they conjoin the values of design and link it to the social canvas to paint a bigger picture.
The department aims at creating professionals who can contribute effectively to the ever-changing, dynamic, highly challenging and competitive world of fashion. The curriculum aims at inculcating design and business acumen focusing on all areas of the fashion industry including segments ranging from exports, High Fashion to Ready-to-wear lines for the flourishing Indian Brands.
The department has a firm belief that “In order to be irreplaceable…One must always be different and do things differently”.    

To create a center for catalyzing excellence in design and business of fashion through intensive and adaptable academic programs, experiential learning fostering innovation and partnering with industry and artisans to inculcate creativity, career focus, domestic and global perspective and educating students to embrace inclusiveness, sustainability, and concern for social and human values.

To identify, explain and apply individual foundation skills through hands-on and through digital initiatives
To utilize ability, creative and critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the development of design ideas, as per industry standards.
To acquire a comprehensive and experiential knowledge of core and related areas through credit-based projects and internships, field trips, industry mentors and visiting critics.
To conduct fundamental and applied research to create cutting-edge knowledge in the areas of design especially those concerned with user understanding and trends.
To develop holistic learning with a combination of heritage and innate thinking; craftsmanship and new technology with elements of in-depth design research.



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