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Animation and Gaming

About the Department

The department of Animation and Gaming at Graphic Era Hill University is branded for its creative approach. The department continuously strives towards realizing its vision and mission. We train students as per contemporary advancement through a very robust curriculum which is inspired by global art and design highlights with Drawing, Painting, Graphic design, 2D and 3D Animation, Gaming, Filmmaking, VFX, Camera, and Photography. Each field of study provides the opportunity to identify, plan and achieve learning goals through an understanding of cultural, social and technological developments in the context of historical, contemporary and individual concerns.
The department offers a great opportunity for creative students to develop creative, innovative and necessary technical skills and the ability to locate individual design approaches within the appropriate professional context.
The program has a universal appeal as it caters to both theoretical and practical aspects by enhancing creative and innovative skills as well as critical thinking. In this respect, to make it possible we provide well-equipped labs, studios, and software to our students.

The course structure has been designed keeping in mind contemporary industry trends that complement the need of the industry. The department has shown considerable growth over the past few years, as it has produced trend designers, a larger number of artists and animators. As the current design and animation industry is growing fast, there is a constant demand for skilled professionals from both, Indian studios as well as from internationally outsourced projects. Graphic Era Hill University strives to prepare the young generation to make careers in Animation, VFX, and Web design Multimedia and Gaming. The department has a pool of very dedicated and self-motivated faculty members who always ignite and inspire the students to work on the out of box ideas. Currently, the department offers B.Sc. Animation & Gaming with specialization in 2D, 3D, VFX and Game design.

To be a leading global animation & design school by offering highly innovative, creative and multidimensional education.

To promote design awareness, creative expression and its application towards raising the quality of life with a greater responsibility to meet the needs of society.

USP Of the Department

  • Department has a well equipped & the biggest studio in north India to provide the best industry environment for the students.
  • The course is designed in such a way that it comprises multiple branches of the industry.
  • Department has highly configured’ Apple Computer lab’ with the latest software on the market.
  • Department is facilitating dedicated lab for Graphic design, 2D /3D animation, and VFX & gaming.
  • The course focuses on increasing skill and creativity in a multidimensional way.
  • Wacom tablet facility is provided for advanced digital design to the budding artists.
  • The department has a pool of very dedicated, self-motivated and qualified faculty members who always ignite and inspire the students with their quality industrial experience..
  • The Course curriculum strives to prepare the young generation to make careers in Animation, VFX, and Web design Multimedia and Gaming.
  • Time to time students is blessed by industrial experts with their experience.
  • The course is structured for a maximum job opportunity in the animation industry, Game industry, film industry and graphic design industry.