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Architecture And Planning (Dehradun Campus)

About the Department

The School of Architecture & Planning at GEHU brings together an active community of scholars and students to creatively confront the issues facing our cities and metropolitan regions. Through instruction, participation in research, and community interaction, students explore the changing character and critical problems of modern urban development. The curriculum emphasizes a student’s understanding of the political, economic, institutional, and social context within which planners work with a diverse range of stakeholders to develop and implement plans, policies, and programs. The interaction among the students and faculty in all the divisions at GEHU as well as the interaction with other disciplines makes for a truly rare educational experience. Specializations include housing and economic development, land use, growth management and environmental planning, transportation planning, and social planning.
The Council of Architecture while prescribing the minimum standards for the B. Arch Program, gives ample freedom to the institutions to ‘orient their course as per their own philosophy’. Accordingly, the School of Architecture and Planning at Graphic Era Hill University has formulated the new B. Arch curriculum which is distinctive by being innovative.

Make Architectural Education innovation-oriented and relevant in the cultural, environmental and developmental context.

The education at SAP, GEHU focuses on making environmentally sensitive and responsive   
Architects capable of creating and building a better environment with emphasis on practical knowledge, innovative designs and problem- solving abilities.

Key Features:

  • There are credit-based and non-credit-based curricular requirements for earning the B.Arch degree.
  • The credit- based subjects are either lecture-classroom based or studio/lab based. Lecture-class room based subjects have conventional examinations plus tutorial assignments, whereas the studio-lab subjects are evaluated on the basis of a variety of regular course work and jury.
  • The five year duration is divided into ten semesters of 16 teaching weeks each.
  • Every semester has 32 credits and in ten semesters, 320 credits are earned to get B.Arch Degree.
  • Out of the 35 contact hours per week, three hours per week are earmarked for vertically integrated class room for conducting extra-mural workshops, expert lectures, and other focussed learning exercises. Evaluation of students’ participation and performance in this weekly exercise will be done by teams of teachers and performance certificates will be earned by participating students. A satisfactory level of participation is required to be eligible to be allowed to appear for examination in every semester.
  • Apart from the mandatory office training ( internship) in the seventh semester , a student   needs to undergo architectural trade apprenticeship  of two weeks duration in any three selected trades with in the first three years to earn proficiency certificates from the institution.