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The Department of Physics at GEHU, Dehradun was established in 2011 with an ambition to provide high-quality education. The department has continually been striving for excellence in teaching and research since its inception and has established itself as one of the reputed departments in the University. It adverts and ensures for students of engineering discipline and graduate courses for basic science students with Physics as a major subject. The research activities of the Department encompass practically all major sub-disciplines of Physics. The department has well-equipped laboratory including modern experimental set up to achieve a high standard of learning. We train students to achieve sound theoretical foundation and for problem-solving skills in all subjects. We give much emphasis on presentation skill and encourage students to appear for national exams such as NET and GATE. The department actively engages in organizing a workshop, guest lectures, and seminars to make students industrially visible.

The Department provides basic Physics foundation through lecture and laboratory courses to the students of the B.Tech. Program and BSc (Honours) of Graphic Era Hill University. The Department offers a unique 3-year honor B.Sc. Program for students admitted through the merit of 10+2 level. This program trains future physicists with hands-on experience on technical skills in addition to offering them one of the most rigorous Physics curriculums in the world. The program provides the students a wide perspective and training outside their chosen field. The Department also has a vibrant Ph.D. program with a specialization in many areas of experimental and Theoretical Physics. Currently, many research scholars are engaged in doctoral research. The Department of Physics also participates in teaching and research in the interdisciplinary programs of Material Science, mechanical engineering, nanoscience and Technology and electricity and electronics etc. Moreover, a research project entitled “renewable energy by recycling of waste papers” is going under the supervision of Dr. Vijay Kumar and Dr. Deepak. In this project, the waste papers and waste rags of the University are recycled to make notepads, file covers, and folders for the University use.

To become a centre of excellence, by contributing the nation, through quality education and research in Physics and become a valuable resource for industry and society.

To awaken young minds in order to discover theoretical and experimental Physics through effective teaching and raise their curiosity by developing activities having orientation towards research and cutting-edge technologies.


Newton's ring experiment


Power and Production of Vacuum


Learning about Newton's Third Law

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